A concussion is an injury to the brain that can occur when a forceful motion to the head leads to mental instability such as confusion or memory loss pre/post injury. 


 The younger an individual is the higher the probability of the concussion going un-diagnosed, with greatly increases the danger of the situation. This is because the odds of additional concussions is three(3) times more likely having had a prior concussion and eight(8) times more likely if the athlete has had two(2) prior concussions. Life Quality - "What is a concussion?"Connecticut Concussion Task ForceThis is a 14 minute video describing signs and symptoms of concussions. Going over treatments, prevention techniques, what second-impact syndrome is and how to avoid it, and post-concussion syndrome.

Concussion Signs, Symptoms & Treatments Video

Brain 101 - Concussion Information for Younger Children


4 minute cartoon video that describes signs and symptoms of concussions and proper treatment. May be more appropriate for younger children.


Brain 101 Concussion Playbook 


What's a Concussion, Anyway?

This video program below shows you how to spot the signs and symptoms & Get over it and get back in the game.

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